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Nignoggity 3DS Info: Deniz - 2809-8142-2856

Photos and Videos by @Cowctus

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Adjusted the Fiendish Crownjewels.

  • 1231 days ago via site
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My first ever herosmash armor! the True Hero´s Spirit. Explains the ghosty look right?

  • 1235 days ago via site
  • 46

My newest creation Hero's DemonHalberd, its the first weapon of the Demonweapon set.

  • 1237 days ago via site
  • 35

I had some spare time and liked the design so here ya go with shading.

  • 1242 days ago via site
  • 61

the Dragonking Broadsword. just made out of boredome

  • 1249 days ago via site
  • 35

New background I made while I was bored for my laptop, 100% by me, nothing copied.

  • 1251 days ago via site
  • 22

Lol, a 2,500 AC sword EASILY drawn in flash, god it should only be 500 AC actually =/

  • 1256 days ago via site
  • 30

Sek-Duat's BackStabbers, Sek-Duat used these daggers backwards to attack people behind him.

  • 1256 days ago via site
  • 44

My new bane of disorder! Link to SWF file with animated eye: http://megaswf.com/serve/1007102

  • 1261 days ago via site
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New pet I made and the first pet I made in flash, the undead speye! Animation: http://megaswf.com/serve/1006266

  • 1263 days ago via site
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http://megaswf.com/serve/1004928 New recreation of an old sword but better, cooler and better name, version

  • 1265 days ago via site
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My newest weapon, the Unbalanced BloodKris. Made it in flash but no SWF file made cuz of no animation, ENJOY!

  • 1269 days ago via site
  • 103

Gilded DeathCutter, the name says it. Yay for finally done with it =D

  • 1275 days ago via site
  • 148

Newest flash weapon I made, the Dragon´s Flame (Sword). They say the heat from this blade is as warm as dragonfire

  • 1276 days ago via site
  • 243

New DOOM SWORDS (used some older swords from AQW) ornate can either pick gold or onyx

  • 1284 days ago via site
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Star Swords are getting old. So what about a Star Scimitar?

  • 1288 days ago via site
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See here my new and favorite creation, the Dark Edge of the Death

  • 1299 days ago via site
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New Doom weapon I made (with some help of other aqw weapons). Default DoomKnight Sword maybe? =P

  • 1302 days ago via site
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My newest invention ( for ), the K-272 Scimitar, Half Gun, Half Scimitar

  • 1313 days ago via site
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Here is my new invention, Backwards Dual Swords (dagger type) with the name: Godly Back-Reapers

  • 1314 days ago via site
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