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Just a simple weapon, the Dual Katana of the Heat

  • 1255 days ago via site
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Watch animation here: http://swf.venthemiux.org/files/28n9c_Shooting_Arrows.swf

  • 1255 days ago via site
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NPC form looks great and I cant believe I got the button working! Button .fla here: http://ge.tt/3PHwM3i?c

  • 1256 days ago via site
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thanks to for the idea, Now with MANA ARROWS

  • 1256 days ago via site
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Guess who got an update!

  • 1256 days ago via site
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for , have a nice easter friend

  • 1256 days ago via site
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~View full size~ The NecroMaster, Villains wear this suit to control many undeads.

  • 1256 days ago via site
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New twitter background, programs used: Adobe Flash CS5, Adobe Photoshop CS5, MacroMedia FireWorks 8, Crazy e-e

  • 1257 days ago via site
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my newest and favorite weapon, THE BATTLEAXE OF DEATH, probably the most evil weapon yet!

  • 1257 days ago via site
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a new kris blade, the Solid Sea Snake! That's one dark snake isn't it...

  • 1257 days ago via site
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Dont get me wrong im staying technomancer but this armor is SWEET!

  • 1258 days ago via site
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Finished my new dual blade, the Dual Manatures... manature is a made up word of the words Mana and Torture...

  • 1259 days ago via site
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Made during class, will make it nicer in flash, if in game I want it Dual and Color Custom (1 part only)

  • 1259 days ago via site
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Soul Slasher of DOOM! I was planning some simple hand daggers but the shape I wanted to use for it made me think of this

  • 1260 days ago via site
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Some color shemes (or however the hell you spell it) I gonna use in the future (expect doom first :3), maybe helps other flash artists too a bit?

  • 1260 days ago via site
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gotta love my new shading style, here is my Ancient Silver! (spear)

  • 1260 days ago via site
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if I was an AQW Dev this would be my personal weapon, the Hero's Bane! Oddly got inspired by this music: http://youtu.be/UlV75xkLkNw

  • 1261 days ago via site
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the Reaper's Reaper, a tribute to the Grim Reaper, its stronger then Death's Scythe but also it's weight is too heavy for most mortals.

  • 1263 days ago via site
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Remade 's HS ninja and gave it a nice hair gradient, fla: http://ge.tt/60gRHmt?c

  • 1264 days ago via site
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