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Evil Black Flower Pusher of Eternia. Infamous, hated Matty Apologist™. Also very blinded by 80s nostalgia. ;)

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Besides I already have my fave Warrior look: Wrestlemania 6 double champion warrior...

  • 901 days ago via site
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Did Zack Morris know that Kelly Kapowski was cheating on him with Charles?

  • 903 days ago via site
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Just so everyone knows I didn't just make that last tweet up, here's the evidence:

  • 1061 days ago via site
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Three new Ponies have joined my herd: Twinkleshine, Snowcatcher, and Feathermay. #HasbrosBestReboot

  • 1089 days ago via site
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BTW, I got my Spikor today. #HappyDay! Oh and pardon my Evil Count Marzo-like appearance...I can't help it.

  • 1100 days ago via site
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Mane 6. Yeah I did brush a couple of em, but it's not like we have tea parties or anything... #FuckinJudgeMe

  • 1101 days ago via site
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"Limited Edition" means "hope you don't like these, since you'll never see them again..."

  • 1106 days ago via site
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Big ass beetle that was drownin in the pool. I threw his ass out....

  • 1112 days ago via site
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Wooo, got my official "It's Comparison Time™" t-shirt in the mail today! :-D

  • 1113 days ago via site
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Even came with instructions. Lord knows I need em, I cant even Transform things without paranoia anymore. lol :(

  • 1115 days ago via site
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My OG Crasher inside the Command Center. She's a little dusty, cut her some slack though, she's pushin 30.

  • 1115 days ago via site
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Awww hell yeah...both the box and the Command Center are in amazing, complete condition! $20 shipped, not bad!

  • 1115 days ago via site
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See, hand

  • 1117 days ago via site
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It's always a wonderful #FF Friday when you get paid AND get your monthly MOTU fix from

  • 1131 days ago via site
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My keys just got a whole lot more awesome than they used to be...

  • 1133 days ago via site
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Hey , I always roll with the Crunch Berries over the Peanut Butter and the straight stuff... ;-D

  • 1135 days ago via site
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Why you chillin in this screen room, baby blue jay? (I let him out)

  • 1142 days ago via site
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Hey look, He-Man's on my Xbox Dashboard...

  • 1148 days ago via site
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Finally got my May MOTUC haul. An awesome month despite the looong period of Mighty Spector crying. :)

  • 1155 days ago via site
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Hey "Straight Edge" CM Punk lovers, How you like me now? Circle gets the Square! #drugs #alcohol #intoxication

  • 1159 days ago via site
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