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Red velvet, angel-filled, German chocolate. Thank the Donut King. #youvegotyourtrinityIvegotmine

Screw fairy dust. Sprinkling this stuff on anything is magic. No kidding. I just ate a bag of rocks covered in the stuff.

Pic of my lovely Valentine's date. I even got her candy. And they say romance is dead...pshht.

When one falls a second shall rise. Wait. I've confused my pocket knife with Buffy again.

Really, designers? Are we doing this now? Spell out your goddamn words.

Pulled, chopped, waiting for sauce.

I don't think granola bars are supposed to be shiny.

And here's a photo of the shiny lasagna pan that my girlfriend gave me for Xmas. I have weird photos on my phone.

Hey , I have a better present for you. I'll give it to to deliver to ya or something.

Aw, don't worry, lil' darlin'. Uncle Cory's got you covered.

Success! I will be back for more later. #crispystella

That's a lot of unnecessary packaging for an item the size of a pack of Trident.