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I'm a writer, a molecular biologist, a teacher, a crime scene investigator, Floridian&Texan, Iowa&Fordham grad, husband&dad. I write for

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PIC: SEC games are on something called Altitude. and NBC Sports has fishing. That will change.

PIC: Larry Legend is watching Michigan State manhandle Iowa

PIC: Here's Doug Gottlieb's tweet taking a shot at #USF STUDENTS. has since been deleted.

Having spent a good portion of my life working with whales, even I think this is a little much

PIC: I'm having trouble figuring out if PAC12 tourney has a sponsor. It's no clear.

PIC: Officiating 101. When ref holds hand out like this, it means he has a lane violation

PIC: I enjoy the mental image of a "Fighting Duck"

PIC: Here it is. #Baylor vs #Oregon. Hard to believe the #Ducks look conservative.

PIC: Apparently #Oregon accepted #Baylor's challenge. Neon unis for everyone!

WARNING: This is what it would look like if #Baylor played #Louisville in their new unis.

PIC: When did Loouisville change their colors?

PIC: That's a lot of Derrick Coleman.

PIC: If you havent seen #Baylor's uniforms today, you are the lucky one.

Wait. is this the #Rays ? Awesome!

And if you are interested, this is . #Rays

hmmmm.... somebody is enjoying their job.

Actual quote when this shot was shown: "Colorado fans have been the most exited ones here"

PIC: Maybe I'm just tired, but embarrassed to say I only recognize Cartman. Anybody?

PIC: Joe Maddon getting some love during the #USF broadcast on ESPN #Rays

PIC: apparently Todd Kalas does #USF basketball radio. So this is actually TK