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PIC: Cars travel through the burn zone #Daytona500

PIC: good view of just how steep the banks are t Daytona

OH EMM GEE!!!! Didnt NASCAR learn their lesson the first time?!?!? #Daytona500

PIC: Separated at Birth? NASCAR meets Beetlejuice

It took 90 minutes to go from THIS to THIS. #Daytona500

PIC: Guys, in the widescreen HD era, no need to stand so close to each other. #Daytona500

PIC: So they are literally using Tide detergent to clean up the jet fuel.

PIC: This must be the guy in charge of people that literally shit their pants. #Daytona500

PIC: The entire front of Montoya's car is gone. #Daytona500

So, Danica, how's your first #Daytona500 going?

PIC: This looks like a NASCAR version of The Outsiders or maybe West Side Story #Daytona500

PIC: unreal. if this was a movie, this truck would have exploded already. #Daytona500

PIC: Car crashes into a truck carrying a jet engine trying to dry the track. unreal.

PIC: one of my favorite things about NASCAR cars: fake headlights.

PIC: I enjoy the "Crank it up" segments (just car audio). but i can do without the silly graphic

PIC: Dale Earnhardt Jr's gloves make all that much easier to flip off other drivers

PIC: NASCAR under the lights is always a gorgeous sight. #Daytona500

PIC: This is what Jemaine and Brett have done since Flight of the Conchords. A tad different.

PIC: Is that at the #Oscars? I kid, I kid.

PIC: It's official, there is more music at the AllStar game than hustle and defense combined