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I like my music Sugarlandy, I like my friends funny, and I like my whiskey Pendletony. Mayhem and debauchery

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What in the shit is going on here?

What in the shit is going on here?

And for her next trick, shows us how to spontaneously combust #fastaslightening #what

so we were looking for your stand in Kelso, and the good 'ol iPhone sent us here. You've change your look

How I feel at a concert. Every time.

. concert tonight. She was channeling her inner Beyoncé. #JenniferBeyoncéNettles

remember when you wrote your lyrics on me, and I got a new tattoo? #dareisaybffs #totes

Like a fucking lady

. this seems fitting for you.

Vibrators from groupon?? With free returns... Alrighty then

I think my dog has a secret life, looks like he had a rough night…

#sidestraw by Dutch

What the fuck is going on here? Embarrassment that's what.

Perfect advertising brochure for four year old boys clothes, Nordstrom. #nailedit

Wrong car bruh

Is this what a rough night for a 3 year old looks like? #shame

Baby Macklemore?

No, just no.

Money problems

4 yr old problem solving, "can't figure it out, so I'm just gonna go around"