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Copy editor keeping double entendres, mixed metaphors and dangling modifiers out of print since 2002. Fueled by coffee and crankiness. Mr. C is @unexpectedbass.

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Jooooiiiiiinn uuuuuuusssssssss!

That XKCD just keeps coming true.

Boston, you know I love you, but right now I'm ready to cheat on you with Vegas. #ACES2014

This is my favorite part of the shirt, though.

Wearing my Shakespeare ABCs shirt for the ides of March. Julius is wary of his neighbor with the stabbing implement.

Here's Garner on the very similar issue of "court of appeals." The adjective gets the apostrophe-S.

., 3 of us waited at Will Call for 8hrs before Game 6—no luck! Can we trade these cards for home opener tix?


Words With Friends is a real buzzkill sometimes.

Potato head makes them shake to complete the deal, but I don't think there's gonna be a second date.

Baseball potato head mediates an exchange in the shadow of my production schedule.

Marie managed to wrestle herself back into her dress and steal Bender's malt liquor.

Whoa, Bender, playing keep-away with Marie's head? That's low even for you.

I had insomnia last night, so I'm loopy today. Which I guess is why I set Bender and Marie Antoinette up on a date.

If you have ingredients, you can make them. No baking!

"It'll turn into rain by noon," they said. This rain looks suspiciously like huge snowflakes.

Here, have some more snow! No seriously, take it, that's my car under there.

At the Barleywine Fest with and . They have flights! #dangerousknowledge

Cat, why you so bad at lap?


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