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The Sorta Limited Colour GIMP Sig Battle! Vote for either my Red Spiderman Sig: or 's Purple Exploud Sig: by commenting below. Voting ends in 2 weeks!

  • 1354 days ago via site
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Another piece straight from my sketchbook.
As you can see, this is a halberd, or at least part of it.
It was suppose to be elegant and ornate but I never got around to finishing it.

  • 1396 days ago via site
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So this sketch comes straight from my sketchbook.
It was an alternative version of the Dragon's Courage Sword that I started at the same time.
But I decided to go with the other design and never really went further with this piece.

  • 1396 days ago via site
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An upgraded version of my original Dragon's Courage
now slimmer and with more details, but still as stubby as always...
a simple design, but i consider this to be my personal weapon

  • 1450 days ago via site
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Calculated Death. A very light and sharp dagger, only to be used by the best of assassins.
I'll probably flash this if i have time...

  • 1524 days ago via site
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Knight in Shining Armor. The Finished version (Right) of my original armor design (Left) from last year's Valentines Day. The shoulder and torso still bug me >.> Standalone version:

  • 1543 days ago via site
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Couples' Cutlass. A simple dual wield sword design for valentine's day :3 Colours will probably be somewhere along the lines of pink and white

  • 1548 days ago via site
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Mah drawing of a Unicorn rider. All shaded and stuff. for the drawing contest against laken ^-^

  • 1633 days ago via site
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Here is my PumpCON 2011 Cosplay Contest Entry.
Featuring Arachnid Boy and Acid
In a somewhat epic battle in a crudely made area :D

  • 1648 days ago via site
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Arachnid Boy is back yet again! This time he is joined with his arch-nemesis, Acid!
They're part of my PumpCON 2011 Cosplay Contest, all that's left is the background. Comes with my new signature as well :D

  • 1663 days ago via site
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Arachnid Boy! My favourite superhero now returns for the PumpCON 2011 Cosplay Contest ... Flashed! View in full size please, and don't hesitate to comment or criticize!

  • 1664 days ago via site
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Spider who? Never heard of the guy.
This is obviously a Herosmash version of Arachnid Boy.
My favourite superhero of all time!

  • 1687 days ago via site
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Solar Shield. A Herosmash Shield suggestion. click the centre to transform it from defensive mode (left) to offensive mode (right), and vice versa. based on my previous shining sun:

  • 1693 days ago via site
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Im dubbing this the PhoTron Blaster. It's a Herosmash style gun with Tron style colouring, thus the name

  • 1696 days ago via site
  • 280 herosmash comic "entry"... or it was gonna be if they hadn't ended the contest so abruptly >.>
but ya... 2 crappy panels there as you can see...

  • 1697 days ago via site
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Blank Herosmash Male and Female Template. Mainly for pencil artists to print out and draw over. The Detailed andOriginal Template with FLA file can be found here:

  • 1714 days ago via site
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the finalized version of my Doomwood polearm/spear.
not really sure what to call it, I'm thinking something with 'Eternal' in it
kinda ran out of room, so the blade is a bit short. but imagine it about 1.5 times longer

  • 1767 days ago via site
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A few extra details added to the doomwood scythe.
For now I'll just call it the Scythe of Demise
Unfortunately I didn't get to change the blade's position though.

  • 1767 days ago via site
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Necro Warlord. An upgraded version of my very first AQW armor, the necrowarrior
tried to stay true to the original, I think i did alright... ignore the uninked parts under the coat, thats just for reference of what the leg part looks like
epic fail with the skull on the chain belt -.-

  • 1779 days ago via site
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yep, flashed my gun. It's a whole mix of shading in this one. but turned out okay

  • 1812 days ago via site
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