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The long weekend has begun. ♬ 'Life's a Happy Song' - Mickey Rooney, Feist, Amy Adams, Jason Segel & Walter ♪

Oh oh. It's gone all j-pop Enya. ♬ 'Skin' - Grimes ♪

Woooo! Good morning all. ♬ 'Infinite Love Without Fulfilment' - Grimes ♪

Yum stout. Possibly.

How do I make it stop???

Valentine's present from my amazing wife. All this and the butteriest chocolate brownies allowable by law.

Minutes for this week's global meeting.

I'd like to thank & for this evening's entertainment.

Boom! Coffee still kicking' it, boiee. ♬ 'AtomFunk' - Pete Tong ♪

The youths can keep their discotheques & their bipity-bopity popular beat combos. Staying in is the new etc.

Today's notes seem to contain a lot of rhino.

♬ 'Raconte-moi une histoire' - M83 ♪ Thank you

Breakfast has spiralled out of control magnificently. Woop woop.

Fold & serve. #PerfectOmelette

Add cheese (Smoked "Farmhouse Cheese"). #PerfectOmelette

Add two large eggs. #PerfectOmelette

Add half an onion. #PerfectOmelette

Step 1: Sweat chorizo in dry, non-stick pan. #PerfectOmelette

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