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A potato has grown in our garden. A potato. Grown. In our garden.

One of the perks of working for an American company is getting plaques like this on every desk in the office.

Jedward diodes overheat. (HT )

The festival of wine continues. 2003 is best remembered for LotR:TT, t.A.T.u & this.

Once again, tonight's decadence is courtesy of . Thank you, you great giant of a man.

Shake 'em if you got 'em, soldiers.♬ 'Gravitation Or Distortion' - Various Artists ♪

Decisions, decisions. That is one generous mofo.

Each one is like snorting battery acid, yet I am unable to stop.

I think I've drawn Prince by mistake. #Drawsome

Ain't nothing like walkin' t' walking' music, 'cept f'r doin' so on a Friday, tweetin' like a cowboy.
♬ Pepe Deluxe ♪

The spam is back... Can you stop this? Thanks.

"Spidey's back". Very punny, . Very punny indeed.

Damn straight.

Woo hoo! ♬ 'Raconte-moi une histoire' - M83 ♪

300,000,000,000 stars in the galaxy & it's still a pleasant surprise when the closest one pops into view. Another great day.

What a day. ♬ 'Gravitation Or Distortion' - Various Artists ♪

What a day. The little lad's asleep. The missus is off being pampered & my belly is full. Good times.

What a day. The little lady's asleep. The missus is off being pampered & my belly is full. Good times.

This'll do nicely.

On our way to our holiday weekend by the sea. In your face, organised festivities!

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