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hi fm San Francisco Marriott Marquis http://bit.ly/SFMarriott

SF. fm San Francisco Marriott Marquis http://bit.ly/SFMarriott

Is it legal to just sell a whole rabbit? #onlyinlouisiana

I feel like such a fat kid smh right out the big boy carton

On the way to Los cucos. Mad that there is stillild traffic out. But just got my wig split so I'm feelin good :)

I feel like my alter ego 'bonquisha' I'd in full effect today

This is my work shirt, should I throw it away? Uhmm yes you should

My ivy, Donetta, is growin so long. I'm like a proud mother

I'm prob real #trife for packn up this much food from my job? Lol I hate throwing away food

Soo keeps talkin about my Houston Heat tights. Whaattt? I feel like they regula

#coogionmybooty lol #fail. Peep face

LMAO I told Ben to bring some oil to fry fish. Why he felt like he had to get this much

It was bound to happen. Lol he had to pop the hood n put some water in that thang


Haha LOOK at my momma! It is kinda cold but dang lol

Helpin my dad paint the study n gettin major thrills! I love projects

Yay! We finally in this thang

Idk y my hair makes me feel like fresh 18

Yesss just what I wanted. It's on when we get back to stilly!

Dad is so silly he's happy to be home.

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