'BIG GREENS' peddling fiction of corporate responsibility as the world reaches irreversible tipping points which will destroy humanity as we know it.

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First Hillary sends congratulations, now Obama sends teargas. Thanks #Otpor! | #Canvas #Egypt #ArabSprings

Obama sending 140,000 Canisters of U.S. Teargas to #Egypt's Morsi | http://bit.ly/12hgB3K | "Arab Spring"


#Otpor (Canvas) in Action on March 3, 2013 - Published by Fox "News" - | #Chavez http://bit.ly/14yUOCw #MEDIA SCUM

Spanish firefighters refuse to evict 80 yr old woman declaring "We rescue people. NOT banks"

FF the brilliant Stephanie McMillan | http://bit.ly/rK3PSn | #Foundation Funding

In trillions - United States Gross National #Debt | 1972-2012

: One of FEW states in world to have images of iconic PEOPLE on currency rather than heads of STATE

#UN Complicit in Forced Sterilizations | #USAID #UNPFA | #Latina & #Indigenous Women | #Peru

Free All Political Prisoners

The Greed of Death

Georgia Prison Strike

Everywhere the Forest is Home | http://bit.ly/10IqF7N

A postcard for the "left" & even the anarchists (disturbing we know) who follow | http://bit.ly/QSE4V0

#Racism gets its power from #capitalism. Thus, if you’re anti-racist, you must be anti-capitalist. #IdleNoMore

Amilcar Cabral surrounded by women of the PAIGC guerrillas during the Portuguese Colonial War:

A post card for .

Share this photo from #Haitians "NGOs STEALING FROM #HAITI" | http://bit.ly/VmbDzj

#Haiti: An image worth a thousand words http://bit.ly/h5RcnA Partner: bit.ly/gB5r3b

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