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I had to see for myself if what you said was true and it is. This is too funny for some reason.

Last 7 days, only 100 plays. Need to spam more BABYMETAL plays.

WE DID IT, EVERYONE! #TwitchPlaysPokemon

THEY HAVE ARRIVED. Time for BABYMETAL and Nao Toyama all day.

Cool things: Book, CDs, thing to attach to 3DS.


What I'll be playing over the next month or so.

Arrived so fast for coming from overseas.

All da loots. Still missing: Protest the Hero CD.

In Pokemon Origins, JP Brock is Sugita and EN Brock is JYB. Time to rewatch the first episode because JYB.



For some reason, the order slip for my latest Amazon purchase is tiny. Random Panera card for size reference.


Finally managed to achieve this after being inspired by a tweet from not too long ago.

Downloading the new album! I wonder if I'll ever receive my digipak though.

I CAVED. Mikasa figma has been preordered. :V

Thanks, #dejavu

I think Google is making fun of me and my internet situation. I didn't even know 144p existed.

. Finally got them! Thanks again to for helping me get them.

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