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Highly motivated and highly caffeinated family/probate attorney with a penchant for the poor, downtrodden and dramatic

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And look, looks just like the picture!...#sortof

My LOST finale cake. Verdict on new recipe? Cake is a little dry and not chocolate-y enought. Frosting is to.die.for.

Since tonight's Lost is extra long, I'm trying out a chocolate cake recipe from my new Southern Cooking book

Apparently the dog park isn't enough to defeat

Day 3 of Dad being out of town and should be renamed

Not even half of my kitchenware winnings from The Knot arrived today and the stack is as tall as I am!!

Lazy Sunday watching the Celts. Happy dogs, happy boys (fiance on L, little bro from CO on R) = happy me :)

We wanted to check out sleeper on new couch. approves (only cuz he's finally allowed on it)

: would say hi to Ajax but he's too busy with his bone

Snoop doesn't care about not being able to be on the couch thanks to his latest marrow bone #dogbonecoma

And tonight it's Roxxy's turn to pout about not being allowed on the new couch #atleastitsnotthestinkeye

And now introducing 's stinkeye from across the room because he's not allowed on the new couch

Introducing...the new couch, complete with decorative pillows that Tom is already annoyed with #justmovethem

My Saturday night in a nutshell

If anyone wants to know how a #weim can coexist with another rescue, just show them this

I am really super gay for my dogs. It's pathetic really.

He's 87 lbs, big boy! Here's an idea

Person sitting behind me is breathing so loudly, sounds like my overweight Weim when he snores on the couch #pleasestopsmoking

Parrothead weekend at Sunday River,'s a little "patchy"

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