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iOS Developer, Trainer, Coach, iOS Tech Journalist and Speaker Wannabe. This is the professional account, the personal is @OliverDrobnik (German)

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Connectrode by is seeing record sales, as users want to show Zynga the meaning of irony

That's the closest we'll ever get to an April Fool's with Apple. "No, I insist on 60%"

Did Xcode 4.3.2 break the mechanism that shows app bundle icons in organizer?

ok, have to device my theory. Helvetica on 4.3 simulator works perfectly for Chines glyphs:

1 Million items in Trash is too much.

Did anybody say the iPad has 4 times the resolution? So we can put 4 times the products on screen? No, it's a #bug

DTCoreText can now synthesize oblique text even when there is no italic typeface:

Dammit why was there an outage on the weekend? Now I don't know how many downloads my podcast had there.

What does this ARC warning mean? method accept DTCoreTextLayoutLine *, but what's this thing about *const __strong?

I want LTE for all my Internet:

LOOOOL! Apple schooling us with a chart on what Retina means:

First time I see Application Loader as a separate update via Software Updates:

why does the compiler think this block needs a return?

Oh dammit, Lion 10.7.3 broke my validation tool for some reason. Any suggestions? Use updated Application Loader?

I just implemented rudimentary support for vertical-align CSS style for image:

iOS running on Nokia and on Samsung. (stupid ad agencies)

iOS running on Nokia and on Samsung. (stupid ad agencies)

I have this:

Pro Tip: If you put your images into a resource bundle then imageNamed still works for getting Retina.

First page done: #iBooksAuthor