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iOS Developer, Trainer, Coach, iOS Tech Journalist and Speaker Wannabe. This is the professional account, the personal is @OliverDrobnik (German)

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can you give me a hint?

that's only a bug in the official Twitter app. correctly displays Unicode characters in name

anything I can do against my 10.7.5 MacMini getting such Kernel panics?

I thought dictionary subscripting with [] worked in 4.4… what's wrong here?

or , , and all the eggs on here. You beginning to see the pattern?

Only way to stop people ridiculing you is to explain the three suspicious growth spurts in this chart:

strange, I am sending the 57x57, but the rounded corners get applied too much as if expecting larger:

Ah, "Make Localized" does the trick /cc:

The VAT checker still does not work. Do you plan to fix that?

This is the most annoying MoLo bug for me: rdar://11645412 closed as duplicate of rdar://11296901 also closed


No wonder the Apple Bug Reporter sucks:

That's what rendering/encoding looks like on my Mid 2011 iMac:

please forgive the cheesy stand in graphics … that's what you get when an engineers tries to design.

New preview mode in Google IDE lets you preview all the fragmented devices at the same time! Fragmentation, solved!!

wanted to try and praise the VAT checker, but nothing happens if I enter my own VAT ID:

works, no problem:

My heart-felt condolences to . Being forced to develop in VB6 (released 1998) is almost as bad as COBOL.

Another definition of ARC:

Look! I'm at the bash!

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