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Sara made me some beautiful art. An obese squirrel eating Ben and jerry's on a unicycle.

Got bored on the flight and finger painted this random crop duster

Gave Malcolm a present today and couldn't resist the chance to laugh at his Pottermore sorting!!

Not. Too crazy about this painting yet. But I haven't painted on canvas in months.

Errands errands errands... And a break for this.

Lol this thing looks even creepier in my poor excuse of a photoshoot for eBay.

Broke out a very special scarf this morning.

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Evil My Little Pony: The Dangers of Creating On a Whim

Evil My Little Pony: The Dangers of Creating On a Whim

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ROFL oh lord. Should never have seen the Lion King again. My brain was like OH! OH DRAW THEM AS PEOPULLLLZ!!1one!1

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Concept art for my character, Lilah Redden of the Willow's Game. Cropped because my tendons died before I could make the feet NOT look like shit. ;p

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concept art for Lilah in my soon to be graphic novel, The Willow's Game. My hand tendons pretty much DIED before I could put more effort into certain parts of this. So. Lol. Bare with me. IT'S JUST CONCEPT ART D:

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Oh yes.

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Lol. I was definitely gettin' dranked with Taryn last night in Oklahoma City's Bricktown. Awesome night!

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Someone is tryin to hitch a ride to OKC in my suitcase.

My aspen trees are sort of comin' along. Just put a burnt umber wash over them.

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Twenty minutes into my flight and I've already wracked up all this free SWAG. Let the drunken sugar high commence ;p ahahahahah

My moss and stone terrarium is thriving! :)

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By the way... I passed this motorcycle on the street the otherday and fell head over heels in love.