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I am not now what I was yesterday and I am not now what I shall be tomorrow so you do yourself and injustice to judge me by yesterday when I have moved on

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Carmelo Anthony --------->

This my lito bebe little indian girls are the prettiest (not saying black,white or hispanic littlegirls arent) lol

What the fuck yall know about tossin stacks and sittin in VIP having any bitch you want???

Some people claim to have ice but cmon now i seen it first hand on what real ballin is like

yall can never in your life drink no shit like this Louie V lol ask me how much a shot is??

South Beach ass lol

4 hour lay over in Houston and this damn guy is killin put yo damn shoes back on

my baby fell off the swing today : (.

yall thought i was bullshittin bout this thick ass chick getting 8 snadwiches she look like one shones

these are the victims lol game 1 LETS GOOOOO!!!!

got these retro 12's i had them when they came out 12 years ago now they are suede i love them

this is what my checkouts at the grocery store look like smh lol

run up on me if you wanna lol

wow our YMCA floor is almost done they redid the hole gym floor looks beautiful

ohh yes im a G whaddup blood??lol nah this my new avatar pic im trill in the gym twiggas

Me and my fam why do I have the jail pose like i just got done lifting weights? lol look like im bout KO somebody

Trends explained twiggas can your app do this im sure there is a few but like this??

if your J's dont come in this box you aint #authentic lol #stopwearingfakeshit

my Jordan casual shoe thought these were pretty sharp

my hoopin shoes Kobe IV

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