Chris Hadfield


Mission specialist on STS-74 and performed multiple EVAs on STS-100. Currently training as the commander of Expedition 35.

Photos and Videos by @Cmdr_Hadfield

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It's our 144th birthday together. Happy Canada Day!

In the Dome sim - the last Space Shuttle crew training for docking with Space Station (Houston Chronicle photo)

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My first Soyuz simulator! Summer 1964, nearly 5 years old. Never too early to start training ...

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Filming the astronaut diving episode with YTV's In Real Life finalists: Christan, Tea and Sam

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In the recording studio doing voiceover for my avatar. CSA program to be in schools across Canada in Sep 2012.

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My avatar - it blinks and breathes! (will teach science and math on ISS. CSA education project for grades 6,9,10)

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Protecting spaceships - this is why we have tall towers around the launch pads at the Kennedy Space Center, FL

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The Stick - NASA T-38 training jet control column: big button is trim, the others are comm and nosewheel steering

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Spacewalking gloves - bulbous yet beautiful. These are Class 1, meaning spaceflight-certified.

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Flying the NT-38 jet. My kneeboard checklist and I have been around a while

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Vacuum Chamber today - making sure my spacewalking gloves still fit

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T38 canopy knife - in case you have to break your way out after a bad landing

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Spacewalk computer - astronaut's view of the switches and screen, worn on our chest. This is the trainer

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Spacewalk training with new CSA Astronaut Jeremy Hansen, at the Neutral Buoyancy Lab in Houston TX

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climbing out of the Soyuz sim after 4 hours of emergency re-entries, including a cockpit filled with smoke

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Lacing up the Soyuz pressure suit called 'Сокол' (Falcon). It protects us if the Soyuz springs a leak in space.

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First suited Soyuz sim with Roman Yuirevich today - we mean business!

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Soyuz Docking Target model - you can picture how it shows you alignment. We see it through the periscope.

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A glance out the window of ISS - S Ontario yesterday, taken by astronaut Ron Garan. My homeland.

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