Chris Hadfield


Mission specialist on STS-74 and performed multiple EVAs on STS-100. Currently training as the commander of Expedition 35.

Photos and Videos by @Cmdr_Hadfield

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Lost in Space - notes from today's ISS Motion Control System class, showing how we define location and direction

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Spaceship Upgrade - the older of the 2 simulators gets new guts to match the Soyuz TMA-M model; Yuri looks on

  • 1748 days ago via site
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Mystery Space Hardware - any guesses what this is? Hint: it's used in ESA's Columbus lab

  • 1750 days ago via site
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Science in 0 g - Geoflow studies the Earth's core See the Canadian flag?

  • 1751 days ago via site
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Remembrance Day tomorrow, wearing a poppy lest I forget. Rick Mercer says it well:

  • 1752 days ago via site
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The winning answer came from - Apple Slices (Fondant, to be exact). Extremely pleasant spacefood-in-a-can!

  • 1753 days ago via site
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Astronaut food, from Europe - guess what's actually in this can!

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Space Station simulator - on the doorstep of ESA's Columbus module in Cologne, Germany

  • 1754 days ago via site
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No astronauts in stilettos! Training this week in ESA's Columbus module simulator in Cologne, Germany.

  • 1755 days ago via site
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Same game, but harder - guess where on Earth this is! You have 'til Mon morning. I'll Tweet the winner!

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Astronaut Game - can you guess where on Earth this is? I'll Tweet the first correct answer.

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New Astronauts! The 2009 class cuts the cake, all successfully finished with their basic training.

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Spacesuit waiting for an astronaut to climb in. You can see the Space Station in the water.

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A day underwater - the safety divers weigh me out so I don't float or sink, and can get to work.

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Ammonia Respirator - what astronauts wear if NH3 cooling loops comtaminate the Space Station atmosphere

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We'll fly in space together - Russian rookies Oleg and Yevgeni at the pool yesterday with Kevin and me. Crewmates!

  • 1761 days ago via site
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Vampire Astronaut - Happy Hallloween! Friends in Jakarta sent me this photo. Nice mission patch, Commander!

  • 1762 days ago via site
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got an email/photo from Mike on ISS, Progress re-entry burn-up. He mentioned this video:

  • 1763 days ago via site
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Robotics Training: using Canadarm2 to grab a free-flying spaceship and dock it to Station. Practice makes perfect!

  • 1766 days ago via site
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Going for a spacewalk - we'll install these Radiator V-Guides in 2013, so training for it underwater Monday

  • 1767 days ago via site
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