Chris Hadfield


Mission specialist on STS-74 and performed multiple EVAs on STS-100. Currently training as the commander of Expedition 35.

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This is near where I've spent my Christmas vacation. A photo I took from the Shuttle. Any guesses where it is?

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When you're out on a spacewalk this is where your feet go. Toeloops align, soles click in. Frees up both hands

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With this Christmas gift I am ready for spaceflight - one small step ...

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Seeing a comet in a new way - Lovejoy survived the Sun this time around

Holiday Bells - the rocket engines that will carry Oleg, Andre and Don away from our Earth tomorrow

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Kites, beef jerky, spaceflight and root beer: 3rd Grade student imagination after I Skyped with their class

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Our crew office door won a ribbon in the Holiday decorating contest, for "evocation of the emptiness of space”

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Sunday quiz: the unusual land use patterns and wicked geology caught my eye from orbit. Where is it?

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NASA's hyperbaric chamber - in case of bubbles in our blood after a long dive. Ready to save a life

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Astronaut Snow Day report: studied, flew T-38, played music with Clint Black's family &

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a new crewmate - Eddy, coming on Soyuz with me! (with Governor General & President of Cdn Space Agency)

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Food Lab at NASA - testing the new low-sodium entrees wih crewmate Tom

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Killing power to the burning section of Station from the safety of the Airlock - work the procedure!

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Russian flight suit fitcheck. Next time I wear it will be on orbit!

Hard to believe that if you slide a T-38 fuselage into this skinny wing, it will fly. Looks impossibly thin

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Quiz for a Friday - I took this picture in 2001. Where on our good Earth is it?

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Was this Warning needed?... the thing that is covered is a Grapple Fixture for Canadarm2 to grab onto

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Infrared Camera: control panel for spacewalkers. We're training underwater all day today

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spacefood has to keep for years and then get rehydrated. Tried new low-sodium entrees - delicious!

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Russian spacewalk suit controls, chest-mounted - switches for fans, pumps and the jetpack

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