Chris Hadfield


Mission specialist on STS-74 and performed multiple EVAs on STS-100. Currently training as the commander of Expedition 35.

Photos and Videos by @Cmdr_Hadfield

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Mission patch - my 1st cloth version. I like it! Makes the 2012 launch seem very real.

Flying the NT-38 - a demanding, high-consequence crew trainer. Half-way to spaceflight.

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Spacewalk training underwater today; teaching new CSA astronaut Jeremy Hansen

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after singing Big Smoke: my Brother Dave and Roger Daily (Houston Symphony Education Director)

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in the Green Room at Jones Hall - practice time with the Houston Symphony

Ready for a Spacewalk - chest umbilical for oxygen, cooling and comm; we unplug it to go outside

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Spacewalk training today - spacesuit prep and post. Suit techs sewed on the Canada flag.

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Dragon catching - the view today in the very realistic Cupola/dome simulation

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Space Station 'day in the life' simulation today. Good, practical training.

How astronauts stay strong in weightlessness - training on ARED (Advanced Resistive Exercise Device)

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reviewing Spacewalking EVA Standard Ops Procedures today - the 'ESOP'. Lots of great ideas.

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Astronaut food: today I tested low-sodium Tofu with Hoisan vs Mustard sauce

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Space Station training: urine goes in (near my left hand), drinking water comes out (on my right)

music from orbit - finding ways to work around the 2 sec time lag

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just had the honour of taking Sir James Galway to Mission Control, to play flute with Cady - fun!

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Home away from home (going 8 km per sec) - close-up of ISS living quarters

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Space Shuttle Discovery crew welcome home - today's crowd in the NASA hangar

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It's spacewalking training day - Canada Flag in place!

Discovery and the Space Station chase over Toronto - great photo by friend Andrew Yee

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SpaceX Dragon - the side hatch is for late loading pre-launch.