Chris Hadfield


Mission specialist on STS-74 and performed multiple EVAs on STS-100. Currently training as the commander of Expedition 35.

Photos and Videos by @Cmdr_Hadfield

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This morning they rolled out the rocket for launch. What a beautiful and moving start to the day.

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Yesterday I had to get out of my spacesuit for a tornado. Luckily it missed us

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Space Science - magnetorheological fluid used in brakes, shock absorbers, bridge supports. Developing it on ISS

Space Science - magnetorheological fluid used in brakes, shock absorbers, bridge supports. Developing it on ISS

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Guts of the Spacewalker's Glove - rubber bladder and cover (with universal wrist joint)

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when I opened this packet of 'Grilled Chicken' space food, I was expecting it to look ... different

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NASA redecorated the lobby of our building, Jetsons-style. Odd, but I like it!

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Astronaut Photoshoot - Roman, Kevin, Tom, Oleg, Chris, Evgeni. Coming this Fall to a Space Station near you

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Space Vegetables, before and after. Tastes better than it looks.

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Portable Life Support System - keeps us alive during spacewalks. Just needs battery and air scrubber put in

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in the Dome simulator, grappling the Cygnus resupply ship using Canadarm2 (with crewmate )

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This is the toilet on the Space Station. We keep liquids and solids separate. Questions?

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Virtually Spacewalking - reaching for an imaginary handrail in the Virtual Reality Lab

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These Gloves Are Made For Walking - custom-poured for my hands, a perfect fit, ready to spacewalk in 2013

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the Glamorous Astronaut Life - get to wear the Body Core Temperature sensors for 36 hrs, chest and forehead

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NASA T-38 - learning to fly these is a big step towards flying ships that go much faster and higher

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Astronaut Diet - on 4-day prescribed meals of low sodium to test how my body reacts. This is lunch.

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Man and Machine - Endeavour in Florida yesterday. Like seeing your beloved old car at the wrecker

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It's hard to get into a space suit after Christmas

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Astronaut Power Tool - we drive bolts with this. It has built-in torque meter, limiter, turn counter and battery

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an Astronaut's spare time - playing music this Friday night at The Chelsea near NASA JSC

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