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Mila, pemenang games di shop a thon dpt hadiah dr cleo #CLEO&CLEAR SHOP-A-THON SURABAYA

Penukaran paspor di CLEO & CLEAR Shop-A-Thon Surabaya. Ayo buruan mampir ke GramediaExpo Surabaya!

Seru milih2 sepatu di CLEO & CLEAR Shop-A-Thon Surabaya. Disc up to 80%!!!

Yuk Scalp Check trus cuci blow di booth CLEAR di SHOP-A-THON SURABAYA

Booth CLEAR untuk mlakukan scalp check, cuci+blow di CLEO&CLEAR Shop-a-thon Surabaya. Let's try!

Dua org CLEO babes di Surabaya dan tyas sdg blanja di CLEO&CLEAR shop-a-thon surabaya

Babes yg di Surabaya, plg kantor lgsung blanja ke CLEO&CLEAR Shop-A-Thon di GramediaExpo yuk!

Gucci, burberry, armani Rp500k-600k di booth di cleo&clear shop-a-thon GramediaExpo Sby

Dpt banyak ilmu dr di CLEO & Vaseline Career Coaching Class

CLEO & Vaseline Career Coach with .

Bgmn sistem keuangan Anda stiap bln? Nurfitriavi N dr QM Financial mberi tip. Flip pg 69 on cleo may

Happy bday Dita! Hope u'll always find happiness in whatever u may do. *hugs*

Belanja di booth Body Shop #CLEO Career Coach

Best dress di acara CLEO Career Coach

Best makeup di sesi beauty class with Body Shop.