No dimmer switch on commitment (by TBF)

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Post Hurtbox conversation was on political promises undelivered. This sums it up nicely

These would come in handy post Hurtbox

must have shares in this joint. Cold, hard & unmarked

True 2 their word. Haunted house rewarded with eye-talian biscotti

The Natural got some Rocket tubes from MC Rocket. ran another superb Aussie Day Madison.

Rocket on the PA whipping the Aussie Day throng into a track racing frenzy. Good times.

Shade at a premium in Shepp. The Natural in the money in scratch and heart starter.

Gaspa's take us on our own Muur de Nongs

New branch of Classix Racing open in Auckland harbour. Choice bro.

The community feel in Surrey Hills is alive and well

Aldi just gets better. Think we found the worlds cheapest power metre.

Another tuff day on the slippery corporate ladder. Sydney does a great Aussie winter day.

Pmc view

The Natural made it 2 bell lap Fields but missed podium. He was inspired by Eye-talians ripping up Modella.

Get in B4 they all sell out.

Prep for TdF late nites is completed with a monkey suit Onezy including hooded ears&tail

Its warmed up to 3c. Haussler would b in shorts, tank top and thongs by now.

F&%jng Conti"s. The Natural suffers double blow out @ WinsyFields. Finishes race on foot like a pro.

Even if cars did exist on these beautiful country roads I don't think I'd c them 4 the fog

Smack down on Alp de Ballistica with . Clash of the titans Nongs style.