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I'm going to miss my gorgeous pal who is LA bound. Mary I've loved working you. Xo

Older man killed by car @ pedestrian median, metal barriers couldn't protect him, didn't have chance

Another shot of Durham teachers marching through Oshawa, they are upbeat, determined. #ETFO

Teachers starting to march through streets of Oshawa. #ETFO

Teachers at mass rally in Durham. Hundreds will march through streets of Oshawa. #ETFO

Hundreds of teachers picketing @ TDSB HQ, say they are fighting for democracy. #ETFO

Hundreds of elementary teachers now picketing outside #TDSB HQ. #ETFO

Elementary teachers have just arrived to picket #TDSB headquarters. #ETFO

Start of student rally at Queen's Park, chanting pro teacher slogans and "kill bill 115"

Student leaders "respectfully" asking for meeting w Education Minister and union leaders.

Students at George Vanier walk out of class protesting the freeze on extra curriculars. #osstf

Premier arrives to announce new deal w OMA which expands house call services for seniors

A very tight squeeze in a senior's apartment waiting for Premier 2 talk about deal with OMA.#onpoli

The Premier at a Chanukah celebration at Queen's Park. No comment yet re 1 day teacher's strikes.

This little feathered friend "christened" the top of my head while I was Intving chair of TDSB Yuck!

My wknd so far, cleaning out my basement after city pipe clogged leaving raw sewage in my basement

Students in Markham walk out of school protesting against Bill 115, say their academics in jeopardy

The Premier and his wife decorating Xmas tree @ Queen's Park.He will not be taking questions#onpoli

I can't even get 1 strand of Xmas lights to work and this dazzling house also plays music!#showoffs

Hundreds of teachers now protesting against Bill 115 ouside TDSB, very positive, determined bunch.