Air Traffic Controller/Traffic Management Coordinator at Houston ARTCC Livin' the Dream! Let's Go Texans!! Commander Freak of Tha @BattleRedFreaks !!

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SWatt No No...

See you at The Grille around 11... Be Awesome!!

Found the Secret!!!

Twitter Check...
Fan Hard


I'm up at 4:45!! #FanHard

#FishFry tomorrow!! Stop by the Tailgate in the #BlueLot

Ed.. Trip is booked from Houston to Jersey via Canton, Ohio.
Do you tailgate, What Lot?


Comin' to Houston Bud??

#Awesome #NOLABound

Dear When I saw you were named week one starter I started to feel very sorry for you...


"S-Mack" ball hard!! See you in New Orleans in February!!!

Add ChuckyT12 (I kinda suck)!!

Tyler!! Welcome to Houston... #BeAwesome

again Attack John Lopez on GameDay!!!