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My eyeballs see both ways. CEO of @vidtiger + Co-founder of @theuptake. Find me at CoCo and Solar Arts.

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Analyzing clip… at SXSW

New truthy version!

I'm having so much fun at the Grammys

Animal Collective tickets PURCHASED

Just an average day…Skype interview with a Rwanda Ministry of Health official w/ :-)

Working on large scale photomosaic prints for holiday shindig this weekend. Here's one of my late bro.

If you're just waking up and wondering how things turned out, this picture explains.

Okay looks like my Facebooks are decorated for #election day. Ho ho ho!

Got some more #nerdyawards hashtags being dropshipped next week.

Willie Wisely Trio ! I went to every show "back in th'day"

INSANITY: A lovely inspirational poster for the elusive - Thanks !

Eric Eskola live on - congrats on 25 years!

Quality 90s summer poprock

Photographers, get ye arses down to the bearded lady motorcycle rally on 13th NE! cc:

KRS One: "The entire universe is made of mind." -style Quantum physics up in here!

So so happy hearing the new song on ! Here they were @ Turf Club exactly 1 year ago.

is rocking the radio transmission waves on - sweet!


A great day swirling around - and now it's beer o'clock. Cheers!

Sprinkle screen sunset #NEMpls