Bernadette De Jesus


All I ever wanted was to work for a big music production.

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don't be mad, look at this cute cat #meow

I like this one better.

IS IT NOVEMBER YET?!!! #5sos #5SOSForum

Only things I buy at a 1D concert is 5SOS merch! Hey look I bought a shirt w/ my cousins face in it! Lol

WHO IS THIS AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ???? #wherespunkrock

Why do I find boys younger then I so attractive? #itscompletelylegal #5sos

I know what I'm getting for his birthday next month #putyourlamasup

Am I yet?

A rare picture of and an Ewok #fetus5SOS


Yo do you only shave every but the middle of your chest

Are you sure you're not apart of a bubble gum boy band

Dear I'm so proud of you boys

EXCUSE ME AND #yogurtlandFTW please go to the one in Australia please!!!

I don't think was aware of the faces he made today.

I just watched this on tv like 5 minutes ago how are you gonna tell me he’s 20 it CLEARLY says 16 on the pic.

does this make you wanna laugh?

do my sock make you feel better. Probes not but I hope it does.

ppl just don't understand u. Don't apologize for being you. Here's more cute pics to make you smile.

get your mind off if these one sided thinking people. Here's a cute pic to make you smile