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Have a pleasant day na ka!

Here I am now! I'm on diet and this is my lunch with Katy Perry hahaha!

Happy Thai New Year ka! May the holy water of #Songkran bring you a flow of #blessings & #happiness na ka!

I'm now in Hat Yai. Need to fill up my stomach. K. This is the place.

Here you go! I uploaded it again! Hopefully this time no problem.

#love When you open your heart, you'll see it everywhere. I'm arriving home in a half hour.

Gotta take someone to the Alor Setar Airport. Then on the way back I wanna see the campus of the Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) a bit.

It's raining. It's late night. But I'm still on the road, heading home!

Do you like apple melons? Me, not much. Yet I bought 2 of them #idk why lol.

Aww just now I got a parcel from Bangkok . Guess what's hidden inside! Haha! A box of a dozen Krispy Kreme glazed doughnuts.

ทานขนมชั้นกันมั้ยเพื่อนๆ วันนี้มีท่านผู้ใจดีที่ไม่ หวังผลตอบแทนขับรถจากสงขลา ไปซื้อให้ที่เพชรบุรีเชียวน ะ

นี่ก็ขนมหม้อแกงแม่เล็ก ชนะ เลิศที่1จากการประกวดของเทศ บาลเมืองเพชรบุรี ใส่เม็ด บัวอร่อยที่สุดค่ะ

And I finally found what I've been searching for! #tigerblood #winning

Still looking for #tigerblood!

"Malee" is considered one of the top fruit juice brands among many others in Thailand.

I'm thirsty. Now in need of something to drink. Where's #tigerblood lol?

#delicious Thai snacks & desserts with colourful appearance & exquisite flavour.

The two crepe vendors are preparing my kiwi-strawberry crepe with pleasant demeanors lol.

Me voilà! It took me 40 mins to arrive here. Which one should I go for?

Take a look at #delicious Thai desserts. I returned from grocery shopping a while ago.