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#word # ParamahansaYogananda: Whispers from Eternity

Hello, playmate, I am here!
Alone I roamed the ocean shore,
and saw
The wrestling waves in brawling roar,
Expressing Thine own restless life-
Thine angry mood in ripply quiver.
The violent vastness made me shiver
And turn away from Nature's strife.

And then
A spreading sentinel tree
Waved friendly arms to comfort me,
With gentle look sublime.
Its swaying leaves in lull'by rhyme
A message sang I knew was Thine.

I scanned the gaugeless sky;
Within its bosom dim
I childlike tried on Thee to spy,
In play with Thee.

In vain I sought Thy body, hiding nigh,
Cloud-veiled, foam sprayed, leaf-garlanded,
Too fine mine eyes to see;
Thy voice too pure mine ears to hear.
And yet
I knew that Thou wert always near,
At hide-and-seek with me;
Receding, spirit dear,
When almost I had touched the robe of Thee.
I groped for Thee through fold on fold
Of ignorance old, as time is old.
At last
My search I stopped in dull despair,
My search for Thee, O Royal Sly Eluder!
Yet seeming nowhere...lost in unplumbed space,
Where none may clasp Thee nor behold Thy face.

In haste,
I hied away from Thee.
Still, still no answer from rageful sea,
And whispers only from the kindly tree;
Just silence from infinitudes of sky,
From valleys low and mountains high.
Hurt child, within the depths of me
I hid sulked, not seeking Thee.

When lo!
Unheralded, an Unseen Hand
Removed the maddening band
That blinded me in darkness old.
With joy untold
I turned and saw
A laughing sea, not one of wrathful roars;
A gay glad world, and open astral doors.

With only mists of dreams between,
Beside me Someone stood unseen,
And whispered to me, sweet and clear:
"Hello, playmate! I am here!"

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