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i like food a lot and i like modeling a little and i like my dogs and boyfriend somewhere in between

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for the one person that may be curious...they are great...bellissimo nail on 4th ave. no i am not being paid

  • 1976 days ago via site
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you daily puppy.

  • 1978 days ago via site
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for instance...this was just supposed to be a photo of Puddy. Then demon appeared.

  • 1982 days ago via site
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family downtime while the homemade twix bars don't think they will turn out. we'll see...

  • 1983 days ago via site
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the first meeting....

  • 1983 days ago via site
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oh man. ohhhhhhhhhhhh man. oh man. facepalm.

  • 1984 days ago via site
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aaaaah heaven

  • 1984 days ago via site
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just looked at this pic the breeder sent me (pippa on far right) and got this overwhelming feeling of sadness

  • 1986 days ago via site
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well well well look who is on the cover of 's swim issue this month!

  • 1986 days ago via site
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I just made this... Recipe up tomorrow! One of the best dinners I have ever made if I do say so myself.

  • 1990 days ago via site
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good call on the tutu :) excuse the polaroid....have fun, ! You have 24 hours to recreate this photo.

  • 1991 days ago via site
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tried to be healthy and get a salad. no mention of french fries and yet, this. dammit life why must you test me so

  • 1997 days ago via site
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ok boys. excuse the red eye.

  • 1999 days ago via site
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personally, I am a huge fan of anthropomorphic images so I'm pretty much in heaven here.

  • 1999 days ago via site
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WHOA WHOA WHOA BARACK. i am taken! we've only met 3 times! (just thought I'd throw that in)

  • 2002 days ago via site
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if you were like this in HS, you'd be pretty proud of your semi-manly body and chiseled face, too. ()

  • 2005 days ago via site
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by request, baby puddy. i swear someone requested it. thank god because i wanted someone to. look at him!

  • 2017 days ago via site
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whoaaaaa. just showed me why I need the "Flipboard" app. This makes me so happy.

  • 2033 days ago via site
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i mean. i just can't ever imagine the day that dressing like this wouldn't make me feel like an asshole.

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I cannot wait to have children. So I can pull shit like this:

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