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Willie was indeed great but our cabbie was even better since he went drinking w/us afterwards...

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First look at the new Spider-Man in costume. I think.

  • 1701 days ago via site
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Groom Lake wallet prototype. Coming to Hot Topic, for those who want to carry art next to their arse.

  • 1705 days ago via site
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Spider-Me and my new sidekick fight crime -- & down some good bratwurst and ribs -- at Scott Dunbier's BBQ today.

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Sent to me from the Star Trek con in Las Vegas this weekend: I present to you the Orion Lady Gaga.

  • 1853 days ago via site
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When operating on 3 hours of sleep & in the hall at 6 AM, sometimes you need to have a seat. In Asgard.

  • 1869 days ago via site
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The con floor, as seen at 6 AM. It will never look like this again today.

  • 1869 days ago via site
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Father of the damn year, that's me after this show is over. And this is just day 1, thanks to Toynami. She ain't getting my Starro, though.

  • 1870 days ago via site
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Alright, motherfuckers, just try and steal again now that our new security guard is on the job.

  • 1901 days ago via site
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Good news is, I got a new office window today. Bad news is, it's made of wood & now I need a new computer...

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The wife, away in NYC, picked me a up a present from this place. She won't say, but I'm betting on it being a cape

  • 1904 days ago via site
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Las Vegas from the 64th floor. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was at the same party, looked like he was considering jumping.

  • 1914 days ago via site
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There's no escape from comics... Marvel invades my neighborhood Memorial Day parade today.

  • 1921 days ago via site
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It's a one of a kind, but here you go: Groom Lake's Archibald, the smoking inaction figure.

  • 1924 days ago via site
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Sighted in an L.A. parking lot today. If you like this, you should... well, the pic will tell you what to do.

  • 1942 days ago via site
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Yeah, it looks and reads great. Don't slip up, though, because the Rage Eye is watching you...

  • 1949 days ago via site
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Don't really use it much anymore anyway, but Hotmail was evidently hacked. Or just collapsed.

  • 1991 days ago via site
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Well, shit, now how am I supposed to get home today?

  • 2026 days ago via site
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The latest addition to my desk: an Ark of the Covenant Business Card Holder.

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