Chris Manno


Flying the pig iron coast to coast, north and south: jet flight takes its toll--please have exact change.

Photos and Videos by @Chris_Manno

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Lake Powell, Utah, at sunset today.

Lauderdale sunset.

Rush hour traffic.

Comet dogging the moon, from 40,000 feet.

8 miles up, the sunset goes on forever.

Sunset over Ft. Myers tonight.

New AA colors.

Cosmic throttles on the 737-800

West Palm sunset

Dust storm engulfs Lubbock today.

A fine day in Hotlanta

Moon rises into dusk over Utah.

Night shift.

Heinz 57 jet.

Veil clouds forming over Mt. Rainer today.

The rises in the west, as we climb faster than it sets.

Lake Powell wanders into a thunderhead.

Topping the 14,410' summit of Mt. Rainer.

Emirates 777-300 seen through the HUD.