Chris Manno


Flying the pig iron coast to coast, north and south: jet flight takes its toll--please have exact change.

Photos and Videos by @Chris_Manno

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Colorado paradox: snowcaps and sand dunes, side by side.

Cozy office space at dusk.

Rainier in the rearview mirror today.

More Idaho, like more cowbell: no such thing as too much.

Clouds hiding Colorado front range like it's a secret.

Ida-snow. See what I did there?

Rockies-style spring: greenery, and snow.

Crossroads in the sky.

High altitude iambic pentameter: The April snow in Idaho:

Well fine, then bring me a fresh one.

From Washington-Reagan to DFW, picnic in the sky:

Stormy sunset over the Gulf.

More flightcrew violence.

#PilotSecret On climbout, a cheat sheet = 1,000 digital flight path displays.

#LGAflight "Start spreading the news:" yet another LaGarbage turn today, hoping for decent winds …

If the #1 F/A asks for a cartoon, the smart captain will comply. #NoSpitInMyCoffee

#MH370 "ACARS turned off" myth: sometimes it loses contact by itself.

40 min on the ground; everyone needs something from me; I just want (and will get) more fuel. And a bathroom break. #airline captain glam.

#MH370 777 cargo fire detection, auto & manual suppression. Detection = time for mayday call.

Louisville to the south.