Chris Manno


Flying the pig iron coast to coast, north and south: jet flight takes its toll--please have exact change.

Photos and Videos by @Chris_Manno

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One of Isaac's fat butt cheeks parked in the middle of my jet route.

Moonrise over Arizona.

Flight deck sunset.

Thunderhead climbing for the sun.

Over my shoulder, on the long drive home.

Desert storm.

Storms behind us cast monster shadows ahead.

Stormy sunset.

Land Between the Lakes

Cruising …

Hello, Memphis.

Stormy moon.

Gold coast sunset, south of Sarasota.

West Texas boomer.

Office space @ 38,000'

2 weeks out of the Boeing factory.

Air fare: it's good to be captain.

Grand Canyon wildfire

Ship Rock, New Mexico casts a giant shadow at sundown.

Colorado fires still burning.