Chris Manno


Flying the pig iron coast to coast, north and south: jet flight takes its toll--please have exact change.

Photos and Videos by @Chris_Manno

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Cap cloud on top, virga on the bottom. Think that's a bumpy ride?

Thunderstorm growing so fast it creates a cap cloud.

Mad Cow: back on domestic crew meals.

Columbia rolls west to Mt. Hood.

The southern tip of Manhattan.

Albuquerque and the Rio Grunge.

#JetPorn The Honolulu Rocket.

Arizona wildfire trails a ghostly plume well above 30,000'. The fire has worsened since yesterday.

Stormy Arizona.

Arizona north of Tucson on fire again.

Eastbound, Albuquerque of our left wingtip.

Thunderhead row along the Florida gulf coast.


Sunset fires up storm ridge, Clovis below awaiting its fate.

Anvil above, storm below.

Giant dunes near Alamogordo, NM

Sandia Mountains south of Albuquerque.

Coming to America.

#JetPorn Alaska 800 ETOPS w/ Barbara Bush tribute tail.

Thunderstorm line stretches across New Mexico, backlit by sunset.