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Center For The Los Angeles Lakers Life Groups: NRA & PETA

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Do I wear glasses now?

The great fans and hunting! : What will you miss most about Dallas?

I guess I will not need this jacket in LA this year! #Sunny

Owow, now which one of u made this?!

Looks like I am not hunting in Dallas anymore, glad to be back in LA! I know I just gained some PETA fans from that!

I wonder if I am going to play somewhere with cold or warm weather? Well either way I will be ready if it's cold!

I actually went gold hunting after the season got over. Here is a pic! #GoldNuggets

Summer is around the corner, don't need my bear coat anymore!

Yes, this is made of all chocolate! #Coolgifts

Eat Bacon!

Eat Bacon!

Helping to save the farms in TX! #Hoghunting

Helping to save the farms in TX! #Hoghunting

Helping to save the farms in TX! #Hoghunting

First prize is Nick White and second is James Grayson!

Who thinks Sat. will look like this?!?! #EndOfTheWorld

I need one of these incase of a Zombie Apocalypse!

Happy Thanksgiving, go kill yourself a turkey! #PETA

This one is for sure one of the smaller ones.....

My first killed pig in Texas, and many more to come!