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It's Dancing on Ice time.. ITV1 get it on!

And look who it is...!

This made me laugh out loud..! Thanks

And here's another famous head...!

Look.. It's me and my dad at DOI...

Look... It's the campest super hero ever... Vote for on 09016161011

Thank You!!!

Dancing on Ice guess who again...
Who's head is this...?

Me and are here at DOI..

At Dancing on Ice... It's quiz time again..
Which famous person am I sitting behind this week...?

Me and are at Dancing on Ice.. But who's the famous head in front of us.... Guess Guess Guess

This evenings tea ... It was gonna be beans on toast till the last second.. Clever move as it turned out!

I can assure you that this is NOT the outfit will wearing on DOI on Sunday (nice knees!)

I must admit... This is very tasty!
Anybody want one...

One day, this will sell for thousands...

That was weird. 30 mins of snow and we grind to a halt! It's stopped now and the sky is bright and blue..

it wasn't even snowing an hour ago here! I'm only 2 miles from the centre of London...!

Oh look at me and the X Factor winner...

I made some chilli bread to enjoy whilst watching X Factor. I can't eat it. It looks like the elephant man..

RT : oi old man where are ur slippers...

Erm, on my feet silly..

At least I'm more popular than the lady in red man...!!

I made bread!!