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I can't wait to blame you all when I'm forced to resign from political office in 20 years.

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Jesus Christ I don't know how I got in this but apparently people just tweet "hi" to each other all day long.

The Pre-K Grad.

I bought these cookies for Bayou. Give me one good reason not to try them (OTHER than they're dog food).

Still makes me laugh.

See the picture I was about to tweet to your most recent story before clicking. (Me: "Dammit!")

Ok Belgium.

Yo Tim. RT : has tremendous talent and a proven ability to lead. He deserves to be in .

Ever see this?

Happy Memorial Day Karbach.

Justified Fan Fic: Boyd and Ava escape rural Kentucky, start a new life in Seattle. Boyd opens up a coffee/meth shop.

Alright guys. This is happening. Fried Chicken McGriddle. If I die, I die.

This is the IQ of :

Bayou got into a fight.

How can I not buy this Groupon deal?

Bayou waiting for his table scraps.

She took it with dragons.

Favorite text ever from my brother.

She wanted to do the Dirty Dancing move.

Didn't win the Powerball. Guess this will have to wait. Soon my precious.

Finally hanging with people of similar maturity levels.