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The three-year-old made this TuxPaint picture today, apparently of Humpty Dumpty, thanks to

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My boy (3 years, eight months) came up with this design unassisted. Touch of Joan MirĂ³, but then I would say that.

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A TradeMe job ad. Probably not the sort of company you want to work for, but maybe they mean facets, not fascists?

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Long ago, in another life: The Hippodrome, Charing Cross Road, 1985, a four-stringed instrument and an angry drummer.

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Long ago in another life I played bass at this gig. I'd just caught flu and it took me weeks to recover...

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Happy birthday, Fraser Macintosh. I still miss you, mate.

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"Assertion failed in file" Some interesting error messages on Gmail this morning...

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Enjoyed 's 'Last Chance To See' the other night on Prime, except for the arm break. "Oh, the huge manatee!"

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My beautiful boy.

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Data Execution Prevention: Has anyone else had one of these random Microsoft messages pop up lately?

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I've even managed to grow some coriander from seed and keep it from wilting, for the first time ever.

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Our vegetable garden is doing well, now I seem to have dealt to the cabbage white caterpillars on the broccoli.

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Record companies are weird. I know which of these I'd chose as soundtrack cover. Clue: not the 1 on the left!

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Loving all this rain - as is our veggie patch:

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