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Uh-huh, yup. Very productive today.

Shot of part of the convention center from the hotel: #PAXEast

We've arrived! #PAXEast

PROGRESS. #Boomy with its lights on (and missing a handle). #DanceCentral

So, this is what this year's MAGFest badge looks like:

I think I can start my own Amazon fulfillment center with all of the boxes I've saved up...

Happy Halloween...

No #AvatarTheLastAirbender or #LegendofKorra fans at work. How disappointing.

A sad state of affairs. #BasementCon

GUH! Yeah, you be mad jelly. #BasementCon

Picked up the Neal Adams variants (color and sketch) and this Skottie Young baby variant: #UncannyAvengers #NYCC

The Son of Coul lives! #NYCC

A threatened Batman spreads his wings in the presence of Zekrom. No Oshawott at my McD's. ;_;