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I can happily say, I finally got them!

My bros are hilarious! #bahaha

A boyfriend like this...

Too cute but terribly expensive #nomamar

Mom send me this text today... Even though she is difficult I love her... #yeahthatsminime

My uncles' first GA WOWCards in 01'... Loled hard to those prison mugshots

My friend gave me bright ass makeup... Makes me want to a RAVE!

Tis the reason of why I can't go to any kind of concert or baile... I owe more than what I have

Aaron hooking it up with a free Venti! #starbucksallday

Aaron hooked it up with a free Venti! #coffeeallday

She said "phenomenal!" #helloseahorse!

'Dentro de mí, semillas tengo de ti...

Los quiero...

Son tan SEXIES!!! Por cual me decido... Ayudenme?! #albordodeunataque

Mi pobre Esai!!! Porque me tubo que pasar esto??

Eric's such a bad influence #wiiiiiiiiiii

Oakland's new public bathrooms, very convenient! Nice view and best of all, no more trapped odors!! #bahaha

Probably the ONLY reason why I like working in retail. Ended up paying $8 with mah discount.

Not going to lie, this sweet salad was pretty bomb... #outinthenowhere

I chose to draw the hardest shit ever. Reminder to self... Kiwis are for eating, not drawing. -____-

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