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Anyone wanna play? #ShootersAndLadders

For lease Navidad everyone!

This made me think of

This text made my morning. Apparently my goddaughter wants to be more like me. Thanks

saw this and thought of burger.

All the cool people are doing it! #PuppyWallpaper

My diet starts tomorrow, right after I finish this rocky road ice cream. #FotoFunia

que creen que me acabo de comprar!

Happy Monday everyone!

seen this?

Found what I'm getting for Xmas....

#MLScup in the rain? Fuuuuuuu. Hey any chance of getting ponchos? #LAisRainy

Someone here knows the real reason I steal wifi... #guilty

Ok geeky friends! Which of these movies is the worst? #survey

What should I read next? Detective Comics #1 by Tony Daniels or Swamp Thing #1 by ?

I know I'm way behind but better late than never :)

here you go!

Breakfast here ain't the same without these guys. #CobaltFam #FeelingSentimental

That just happened. Look at the battery life...