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It's freaking hailing!!!!

Super Mario World FTW!

here's a picture of the 7in it came with! It's pretty awesome... Be jealous...unless you have it too

Guess what I got in the mail from ! Yessssssssss!!!!!!

lucky!!!! This is the view I get from MY parents house in Chula Vista :(

I don't usually drink energy drink but DAMN! This Full Throttle Red Berry one is delicious!

Working in the rain is not fun...

Or maybe one of these....

What to play, what to play...?!?!?

San Diego is being attacked by storms this week and I don't like it...

Sign that the Mexican-American community is taking over #1:

About to have breakfast.. Chargers jerseys are on and we're ready for game time. Check out the Chivas light ;)

9180...nuff said.

9180...Nuff said

9180 about to start their set... At Wits End.

Good morning!

Mini hookah!!!!!

We've been at this building a week now. One more week to go. I'm getting the best workout of my life.

Under a 3 story complex, taking a stuff. Having to run up and down three flights of stairs is no joke...

Downtown San Diego from a distance. Home sweet home.