ex-stripper. stay at home mother of 4. engaged twice. divorced once. collecting money from these ho's. Dont GAS me up. i might just toot. .

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Sheeesh 10 DMs in an hour?? Well I guess i guess I gotta see what this is about..

I swear married men do the most!!!!!!! Smh!!!

Every time I look at my battery percentage it's on this -____-

I just ate a whole plate of food. && my mom brings me another -________- faauughkkk

Mexicans don't ever wanna buy anything! They build whatever they need! This shit is dope BBQ pit

I have my giant peach.. Where's James???

I this shit for real?!!

My brothers mad... L0l. Well at least he didn't see my bathing suit pic 

This PLAYER always comes to me for advice when it comes to females..

My aunt has a big ol booty!

I feel like fuck family sometimes... But I'm always reminded by this

About to wear this bracelet, see if it works...

His socks or feet better be clean 

I love to eat

#proof this dude will take my last name.. !! Ha! Told ya some man would!

Twitpic so you know it's real

Loosey goosey

They ridin around gettin it... I'm tryina holla!!!

This is my jumper :)