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What chu eat don't make me shit.

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RT : WOW RT : NOOOOOOO RT : DAWG http://t.co/G3qDiM1f


RT : Killed that pussy, died wit his eyes open ..

RT : FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!! Now I gotta see Joe Budden ugly ass all over my TL! Shit!

RT : *Plays Red Light Special* yes god.

RT : gayest shit ever RT If you a Man & you hold a Door open 4 a BullDyke is dat Gay??

This and a ransom note RT : What y'all get Blue Ivy for her birthday?

RT : Twitpic me your fat arms, so I can date you.

RT : Turn to TLC!! RT cheyeeeeee: Please stop man