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Super happy. Joe bought me coffee this morning from 7-eleven

Lucky day for me. Found $20 on the ground at the UMC

Made it

Epic fail didn't attach pic

Damn gas station. Switched premium and mid grade. Luckily I realized it was too cheap and changed back lol

I now just realized this #facepalm #epicfail #wtf

First time having #dunkindonuts

Oh mahhh gahd....

Made my day lol love him

We must report this account. Lets team together and end stupidity

Made a dank milkshake to go with my dank lunch

Neat trick I learned from my friend Nate. Puncture a hole and it doesn't taste like you're drinking from the can

Next week is lookin goooooood


Upper division statistics class and I can't math.

Wish I had money to buy this beauty

So this happened. Made my day