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I have Soigné tattooed on my forearm. Thats how I roll. Executive Chef/Owner of @RogueGentlemen.

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I've been in an argument with this dickhead for an hour now. #tumblrchef

tumblr #chef: kill me now.

tumblr #chef:

tumblr #chef:

tumblr #chef: lol

tumblr #chef:

tumblr #chef:

can we just talk about how Yves Saint Laurent is using #DaftPunk to model their rebrand to Saint Laurent? #awesome

"… so are Democrats like California Senator and Margaret Thatcher hair memorial, Diane Feinstein." - Stephen Colbert

ha. google search for . #notsurprised

this explains a lot. :/

15 round mag. its a conceal carry type. inside the belt.

15 round mad. its a conceal carry type. inside the belt.

went ahead & bought a license for Audio Hijack just to grab your set. Always a pleasure to chat. Thanks! :)

hahaha. #true.

sorry. its "I<3MYBUT." #samedifference

hahahahaha YES!

heres what I've got so far.