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It's true what they say about redheads. Not that thing, but the other one.

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My night can go in any number of directions... the majority of which scare me.

I love my new necklace. Makes me feel invincible. Not sure why...

Best facepaint ever! Go to the 4th flr, North Lobby! #ECCC

Companions and sidekicks unite! #ECCC

Bobcat at Nerdmelt, doing some sexy Dr Seuss at Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction

My son sewed me a teddy bear for Xmas. Love it! Is it wrong to call it Special Ted?

Coldfinger strikes again! Gloves are powerless against its vascular restrictions!

This is why I've gotten so little done today. Bastards.

Why am I not surprised a headline writer got confused by proper usage of then/than?

Shut up, electronic sign thing. Just... shut up.

IloveyouadorableGoodwillboots! #joygasm

Apparently I'm prime real estate.

Jaden made out like the proverbial bandit with #PAX swag today! Cutest walnut evah!

Photobombed with by AND ? I win at #PAX!

Why yes, that IS a robot steeping my tea. Why do u ask, coworkers?

Someone just succesfully proposed at NerdProv at !

Seattle's Belltown is thoroughly infiltrated by #VandalEyes!

Odyssey has made a connection! #MarsCuriosity

There's Seattle's new ferris wheel of doom!

Hey and - have you tried either of these on ?

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